There is not man of us who does not at times need a helping hand stretched out to him

Helping our soldiers

"Regard your soldiers as your children, and they will follow you into the deepest valleys;
look on them as your own beloved sons, and they will stand by you even unto death."

Sun Tzu


15th Apr 2017
trip started


Team Rubicon Australia (TRA) Team Rubicon's primary mission is providing disaster relief to those affected by natural disasters, be them domestic or international. By pairing the skills and experiences of military veterans with first responders, medical professionals, and technology solutions, Team Rubicon aims to provide the greatest service and impact possible.

Through continued service, Team Rubicon seeks to provide our veterans with three things they lose after leaving the military: a purpose, gained through disaster relief; community, built by serving with others; and self-worth, from recognizing the impact one individual can make. Coupled with leadership development and other opportunities, Team Rubicon looks to help veterans transition from military to civilian life.



    100% of funds raised will be going to Team Rubicon Australia (TRA). Team Rubicon Australia (TRA) unites the skills and experiences of Australian Defence Force veterans with first responders to rapidly deploy emergency response teams around the globe. Their mission: "To stand-up the pre-eminent disaster response organisation in the Pacific Rim and in doing so change the narrative around the Australian Veteran" -



    Sponsorship money will be used to fly other Veterans over to Norway to do parts of the trek with us, it will pay for their flights, accommodation and food. We will film and document their stories that they share, learn what struggles they have dealt with and how they have overcome them.


    Current sponsors

    • Kathmandu - 'We design, we test, we adapt, right here in New Zealand. We ere born in New Zealand – a breathtaking Kathmandu Logocountry where isolation breeds innovation and the hunger to explore. For 30 years, we have designed our gear to take on the rugged landscapes of our homeland and to outfit the adventurous spirit of our people. With Kiwi ingenuity and an open mind, we continuously adapt our gear to endure different weather conditions, diverse terrains, and the ever-changing needs of travellers. We act with people and the planet in mind – from the creative minds of our designers to the careful hands of our suppliers, to the backs of our
      customers all around the world. We believe that adventure begins when you pack your bag.Our People We’re adventurers, explorers and travellers - every one of us. From our team in-store to our brand ambassadors, athletes and Summit Club members, we share a curiosity for the world we love to explore. We love the challenges that come our way, and we choose the gear that enables us to adapt and thrive in any terrain and climate.'


    • BROTHERSHAVE - Run by a current serving ADF member Brothershave was started in order to help Veterans by using a daily activity to help raise money for a number of Veterans charities. By using the affiliation code 'mates' Brothershave will donate $1 every for every sale to Mates4Mates. Another Veteran helping Veterans.  
    • Earth Trails Expeditions - was founded by two good mates Steve and Mick who saw an opportunity to explore combing their thirst for exploration and adventure travel with doing some good in the world and making change. Earth Trails Expeditions combines exploration, adventure travel and educational opportunities whilst maintaining an environmentally and culturally sustainable ethos. They wanted a sustaining idea that would enhance people lives as well as protect the environment with the key motive to be focused on doing good and not profit. It was their belief that if they looked after everyone involved, staff, participants and in country partners, the profit would look after itself. Through triumphs and failures, this concept is now a proven a success and Earth Trails is a driving force in sustainable adventure travel and exploration. Both of the lads are veteran ex-defence force soldiers with operational experience in numerous theatres, and they are currently working in Qld as paramedics. They have utilised their experiences through these endeavours to implement an expedition planning process and risk reduction strategies that are unparalleled in the industry. The Wild Medic Project
    • Vancouver’s Donnelly Group -  has built a successful hospitality company around its founder’s ethos of “Be true to yourself and your neighbourhood, the people will follow.” A quiver of brands including public houses, cocktail clubs and barbershops keep the business fresh and continually new. Values reflect strength in community, food with real value and taste, honest beer and spirits, disruptive design and ideas and true publican service. We believe that when these values intersect a genuine experience follows.